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Historical Options Data from 2010 - 2016!
Full Option Chains for:
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
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Options Datamine delivers comprehensive daily reports for users to sort through notable Options contracts. Utilizing the quick preview and the deep historical analyzer, members can now track historical options behavior on any listed stock option contract. Along with historical data and Daily reports, Options Datamine features stock alerts to alert members of potential price moves in some popular stocks. join Options Datamine to find the right data for more profitable trades.

Daily Reports
Options Data Mine Daily Reports
Daily Reports of Notable Options
Options Data Mine data analysis tables
let you analyze the most notable options.
Big jump in volume and price can signify
major development on the horizon. List
can be sorted several different ways for
easy navigation and selection of notable
options contracts.

Quick Preview
preview of stock options historical data
Quick Preview
Preview screen for a quick glance
of option price, volume BxA history.
Preview pop up window shows
option price and volume behavior
from inception of contract.

Deep Historical Price
deep historical options price
Deep Historical Price Analysis
Deep price analysis is a collection
of data for individual options contract.
Investors can access and study the
options price trends and previous
Notable activity in price and volume
in chart and data format.
Watch List
watch list to track your stock options

Options Data Mine watch list
Now you can track each option
contract without risking money.
Add any option to the watch list
and monitor the performance
of any stock option. Time stamped
to remind you when you started
tracking it and where it is today.
Options price shown in graph
and list format.

Stock Alerts
alerts for stocks which are ready to move
Options Data Mine stock Alerts!
Every day Options Data Mine
screens several stocks which appear
on the Alerts page. Alerts indicate
that a significant move is about to occur
in the price direction of underlying security.


Options Data Mine is a data mining web site used to data mine stock options data. Options Data Mine is not owned or operated by registered brokers and does not offer any buy or sell recommendations. Options Data Mine displays options contracts which offer unique characteristics.

Options Data Mine is not responsible for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the historical data.
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